About Us

Geronimo Disinfection & Cleaning Services offers Professional Green Cleaning and Disinfection Services. We Work Tirelessly To Ensure You, Your Family, Your Staff, And Your Home or Building Are Spotless, Clean, & Safe. 

Our Green Cleaning Team use safe yet highly effective, non-toxic, eco-friendly products for a healthier lifestyle and cleaner world.  We provide premium cleaning services with the utmost respect to the environment and our customers' health. You can count on us to get and keep you sparkling clean!  We also pressure wash, for a dazzling clean inside and out.  

Our Disinfection Specialists follow CDC and EPA Disinfecting Guidance, and utilize superior technology.  Our products are environmentally friendly, Hospital-Grade, safe for food surfaces and pets.  Our Disinfection Team eradicate invisible enemies that jeopardize the health of your business, office, home, and family. 
Our guiding business values are Compassion, Honesty, and Integrity. We promise a superior customer experience!
We proudly serve Broward County.   

We are a Native American owned and operated company.  Insured and BBB accredited.

Se Habla Espanol.